Short bio: I am an Open Source Software Engineer at the MariaDB Foundation and I am exploring AI fact-checking at Filtir. I am interested in developing novel methods and tools for verifying the accuracy and reliability of information in the digital age.

Research Highlights

AI Content Fact-Checking

  • Currently part of Filtir, a startup dedicated to the fact-checking of AI-generated content.
  • Aiming to ensure the accuracy and credibility of information in the age of AI, focusing on combatting misinformation.
  • Building algorithms capable of cross-referencing and validating data against trusted sources.

Text-Video Retrieval

  • Focusing on understanding the limitations of text-video retrieval methods.
  • Introduced hubness mitigation strategies and developed systems that achieve leading results on benchmarks.
  • Collaborated with the Visual Geometry Group at the University of Oxford.

Object Segmentation and Detection

  • Focused on unsupervised learning, more exactly transferring knowledge from video to images

Engineering Highlights

MariaDB Testing Framework

  • Lead the creation of MariaDB’s automated testing framework.
  • It ensures compatibility and testing across multiple platforms and operating systems for the MariaDB Server.