I am currently a researcher focusing on AI fact-checking and a software engineer at the MariaDB Foundation.

As a Software Engineer at MariaDB Foundation, I contribute to the development and maintenance of one of the most popular open-source relational database systems.

My passion for technology and learning also led me to pursue a PhD in Computer Vision at the Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy. During this time, I have developed novel methods and algorithms for text-video retrieval. This project was in collaboration with the Visual Geometry Group from the University of Oxford, where I worked as a Research Assistant for 5 months.

My mission is to apply my expertise in Computer Vision and AI to create innovative and impactful solutions for real-world problems. I am always eager to learn new things, improve myself, and collaborate with other professionals and researchers in the field. I am looking for opportunities that challenge me, inspire me, and allow me to grow as a Software Engineer and a Computer Vision researcher.